Strand Groups

Strand groups are the heartbeat of NTE. With trained strand leaders, you will participate in 7 strand sessions with other students from universities around Australia. Every day in small groups you will pray, discuss and apply God’s word to your lives.
These sessions make up most of your time at NTE so we encourage you to make the most of your group, asking lots of questions and participating in discussions. If you’ve never been to NTE before, Strand 1 is the best place to start.

Strand 101

Investigating Christianity

Not yet a believer in Jesus and want to learn more about who He is?
In this strand you will get the full picture of who Jesus is from the bible with fellow students who are also investigating.
If you are an International Student and investigating Christianity, Strand 101 is also available is ESL.
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Strand 12

Finishing Yr 12 in 2019?

If you’re finishing year 12 this year and have an idea of which uni you’ll go to, this strand is for you.
Get to know other students finishing High School this year and build your relationships as you share your stories with one another.  

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Strand 1

Understanding the New Testament

In Strand 1 you build the foundational skills to understand, apply and teach a Bible passage.
This is an ideal place to start if you have not attended NTE or completed a strand before. 

Strand 2

1 Samuel 8

Strand 2 builds on the foundational skills to understand and teach the bible learnt in Strand 1. In Strand 2 your skills in using biblical theology will to help you prepare a Bible talk from the Old Testament.

Strand 3

Systematic Theology

In Strand 3 we use the skills learnt in Strands 1 and 2 to work on Systematic Theology – integrating what the Bible teaches on a particular topic. In this strand the topic will be the resurrection of Jesus.  

Strand 4


After completing strand 3 you are now ready to integrate what the bible teaches on another topic.
In Strand 4 you will explore Christian Ethics through what the bible says about work and things related. 

Strand 5

Developing a Teaching Series: Titus

In your last strand of NTE, with a combination of all that you’ve learnt in the last 4 strands & the new skills of communicating biblical teaching in a contemporary context, you will write a short teaching series from the book of Titus. Congratulations on attending your 5th NTE!