Student Committees Training Conference

About SCTC

The Student Committees' Training Conference is an opportunity for anyone who has been on a Student Committee in 2019 or who will be involved in 2020 to hear what's happening around Australia, connect with other student leaders, gain leadership skills and help shape this incredible AFES movement for Jesus. SCTC is a fantastic training opportunity for any students who are serving or about to serve on their affiliate’s executive committee.

The goals of SCTC are both simple and significant:

- to give you an opportunity to network with your peers to train you for your particular ministry as “leaders of leaders”
- to lift your eyes to the wider AFES vision which we are privileged to share
The conference incorporates the annual AFES Annual General Meeting

Event Details

Thursday 28 November - Friday 29 November
Arrival between 10:30-11:00am at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC).


Event Prices

Camping - $110
Dormitory (7-10 People) - $170
Standard (3-6 People) - $200
Premium (2 People) - $220
Day Rego (No Accommodation) - $90