When do regos open for NTE19?
Early bird: 1 July - 4 September 2019
Standard: 5 September - 7 November 2019
Late: 8 November - 15 November 2019
Extra Early Bird for NTE20: 4 December 2019 – 31 January 2020
Where is NTE?
All NTE conference sessions, program activities, and most meals (depending on your accommodation) are at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) on the Cnr Flemington Rd & Federal Highway, Mitchell ACT 2911. Entrances are available on both roads - look for the NTE signs! Limited free parking is available on site.
At the EPIC site, there are three main buildings that you will need to access:
• Coorong - all of the main sessions will be held here
• Budawang - most meals (depending on your accommodation) will be held here (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
• Conference Centre - the NTE Office will be located on the ground floor of this building. It's between Coorong and Budawang pavillions.
There are other venues on site you will need to be aware of regarding strand groups and electives. They will clearly be marked in your conference booklet.
What is the start and finish time of NTE19?
On-site registration starts from 9:00am Saturday 30 November.
Final Session finishes at 1:00pm Wednesday 4 December (some teams go straight from here to mission). Please note lunch is not included.
What is the program for the week?
NTE runs for 5 days from Saturday morning to lunchtime (lunch not included) on Wednesday. You will receive a detailed timetable at NTE.
You will participate in 6 bible talks, 7 strand group sessions and 3 electives. This seems like a packed timetable but there are many opportunities for personal reflection time, free time and time with your campus group, along with mealtimes!
What do I need to bring?
Bring your bible, pens, toiletries and clothes for the week. If you're camping, bring any camping gear needed. All other accommodation includes linen. Optional to bring snacks for strand groups (nut free) and extra money for Maccas! Please talk to your campus staff about what you need to take if you are going on NTE mission after the conference.
How much does it cost to go to NTE19?
Full registration includes conference materials, accommodation and all meals for 5 days. Day Rego includes conference materials, lunch and dinner for 5 days.
Dorm (6-10 per room)
Standard (3-5 per room)
Premium (2 per room)
Day Rego
What is included in the price of NTE?
Your choice of accommodation, all meals and conference material. 
Need help with money?
If you would like to go to NTE but need some help to pay the cost, we would like you to speak with your local AFES or FOCUS staff person. Please don’t hesitate to ask! They might be able to provide a small subsidy to help you come.
I live pretty far away from Canberra, are there any travel discounts?
There is a travel discount for students traveling a long way to attend NTE. Receive a $120 discount if you’re traveling from WA, NT or NZ Receive a $60 discount if you’re traveling from North QLD or TAS. This will be calculated automatically when you register online.
Check out Transport FAQs for more info.
Are there any other discounts?
Register as a Year 12 student and receive $50 cashback. Download the form here! But remember, you need to have registered first.
I can’t make it to the whole NTE program, what are my options?
Due to the number of people at NTE and the difficulty in monitoring attendance, we do not offer a part time registration price. If you can't make all of the conference why not come to the Canberra Bible Talks? This is a unique package of all NTE evening sessions.
What happens if I can’t make it to NTE anymore?
Cancellations can be made up to 13 November. There will be no refunds from 13 November 2019. 
Registrations are transferable, so in the event you cannot attend you are welcome to find someone who'd like to attend and they can purchase your registration from you. You may request a transfer of your registration emailing nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: NTE%20Transfer%20Registration) () with your details and the details of the person taking your registration. There is no fee for transferring your registration to another person, provided they have the same accommodation as originally chosen. 
If you have registered and an are unable to attend due to an exam or class clash and cannot find someone to transfer your registration to, we will refund you your full registration amount. Please email nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: NTE%20Cancellation)
If you are unable to attend for change of mind or any other reasons and cannot find someone to transfer your registration to, please email nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: NTE%20Cancellation) with your details and we will refund your payment less a $50 administration fee.
Have more questions? Check out the other FAQs regarding other elements of NTE or email your inquiry to nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: NTE%20enquiry)
Can I stay in my own accommodation?
If you live in Canberra or have your own accommodation organised, you can register for a Day Registration. All conference materials, lunch and dinner are included in the Day Registration price.
Will there be other people from my university at my accommodation?
We try our best to keep campus groups together – whether it be the same dorm or the same campsite.  Sometimes this is not always possible (especially for late registrations) but if there are other people from your university who have chosen the same accommodation type as you, you should be allocated the same accommodation site. If you have specific people you would like in your dorm room please email your request to nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: Dorm%20request) (.) Please be aware we can not guarantee this request will be met.
If any accommodation option is full, what are my options?
Please register for another accommodation to ensure that you don't miss out on a spot at NTE altogether. We can put you on a waiting list and if a spot in your designated accommodation option does become available (due to cancellation), we can refund you the difference in price or arrange extra payment. However, please understand that being on the waiting list DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in that accommodation option. Alternatively, you are free to find your own accommodation in Canberra (such as a backpackers or a youth hostel) and register for the conference as a Day Registration.
Is bedding provided at NTE?
All bedding and a towel will be provided in Single, Premium, Standard and Dormitory accommodation. If you are camping you will need to bring everything you would normally take camping (i.e. tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, etc). You will not, however, need to bring any cooking equipment as all meals are provided. You should also check with your mission team leader whether you need to bring a towel and sleeping bag for mission or whether your hosts will supply them for you.
When do we check into our accommodation?
Accommodation check in is 2pm on Saturday. You will need to go to your accommodation location (shown on your nametag) at this time to receive your key/contact details of the person who has your room key or if you are camping be shown your camp site. All accommodation locations will be in your booklet and room location/number at the back of your nametag. If you are arriving on Thursday or Friday for Pre-NTE conferences (Pre NTE Staff Conference and Student Committees Conference), accommodation check in will be held at the Conference Centre at EPIC. However, if you have purchased Wed, Thurs or Fri B&B (bed and breakfast) check in is at 7pm at the Conference Centre at EPIC.
How far is the accommodation for the conference site?
If you are camping, your camp site will be at EPIC meaning you are very close to the pavilions where the conference takes place. There are 3 camping sites for NTE campers around EPIC and are grouped by campus.
If you choose to stay in dorm, standard, premium or single accommodation, there are different accommodation sites that are not located at Exhibition Park in Canberra. Some of these are not within walking distance to EPIC, so it's important that you leave enough time to get to EPIC for the morning sessions (at least 20-30 minutes). 
Bush Capital Lodge: 191 Dryandra Street, O’Connor (8-10 min drive) 
Carotel Motel & Caravan Park: 46 Aspinall & Zelling Streets, Watson (5 min drive/20 min walk)
Leumeah Lodge: 48 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls (10-12 min drive)
Ibis Budget: Corner Federal Highway & Antill Street, Watson (5 min drive/20 min walk)
Ibis Styles Eaglehawk: 1222 Federal Hwy Service Rd, Sutton (10 min drive)
I’m arriving on Friday – what are my options?
We offer Friday B&B (bed and breakfast) option for anyone arriving on Friday night. If you missed selecting this on your registration, you can book for Friday B&B here.


What does Friday B&B include?
Friday B&B includes Friday night accommodation (prices vary depending on which accommodation you choose. Camping can be a B&B option which means you have a space on the campsite and receive breakfast the following day) and breakfast on the Saturday. Please be aware that this does not include Friday night dinner and we ask that you check in no earlier than 7pm on the Friday night. Check in is at the Conference Centre at EPIC.



I’m attending Pre-NTE conferences, what are my options if I need to arrive the night before?
Similar to Friday B&B, we offer Wednesday or Thursday night B&B (for Senior staff, apprentices & student committee delegates). If you missed selecting this on your Pre-NTE conference registration, you can book for Wednesday OR Thursday B&B here.


Is my transport organised for me?
Due to the number of students travelling to NTE, the NTE office does not organise transport to and from the conference. However, some campuses will arrange this for their campus group so be sure to ask your staff worker and friends how they’re getting to NTE.
What are my public transport options to get to EPIC?
Bus from Canberra airport:
To get from the Canberra airport to EPIC you will need to catch two buses.
  • Firstly, take the Airport Express to the city (last stop).
  • Secondly, walk to Northbourne Avenue (near Alinga Street) and if you arrive on the weekend take the 950, 956 or 958 bus to EPIC. Download weekend bus route map. If you arrive on a weekday, there are many bus options. Download the weekend & weekday timetables at action.act.gov.au.
Train or Bus from Sydney or Melbourne
  • For information on catching the train or bus to Canberra (from either Sydney or Melbourne) visit this Canberra Website. Please be aware that these need to be booked in advance to avoid missing out.
If I'm in year 12, do I just select Strand 1?
At NTE there's a Strand 12 group catered for students who are about to start uni or have just finished Year 12. Register as a Year 12 student and receive $50 cashback. Download the form here.
It’s my first year of NTE but I’ve done Strand 1 already, do I need to do it again?
If you have already done a Strand 1 or Strand 2 at another training conference such as Next Gen or Engage, with the advice of your staff worker, you may register for the next strand. We strongly encourage not to jump more than 3 strand groups if it is your first time at NTE.
Do I need to be a Christian to be a part of a strand group?
No. There is a Strand 101 group which is a group for those investigating Christianity.
Can I pick who is in my strand group?
Strand groups are grouped with students from different campuses. This is a chance to hear from other students from other universities. Unless there is specific permission from your staff worker, you will not be able to choose who is in your group.


Do I need to bring anything to my strand sessions?
This varies from group to group but the basic materials you need are a bible, the strand booklet you receive at registration, stationary. Some groups bring snacks to share to help with brain function but this is completely optional.



I picked the wrong strand group on my registration, how do I change?
Email nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: Strand%20change) to make this change with your new strand group and the reason for the change.


Do I have to be in a FOCUS strand?
Please register for a FOCUS strand initially and then have a chat with your staff worker about what will be the best strand for you to do. We can change it at a later date if needed.
What if I don't have enough money to pay for NTE?
If you would like to go to NTE but need some help to pay the cost, we would like you to speak with your local AFES or FOCUS staff worker. Please don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask. They might be able to provide a small subsidy to help you come.
If it's a camp what kind of accommodation is there?
There are different types of accommodation for the conference that you are able to choose from. The conference is not in the forest, it is in the city of Canberra. If you choose to stay in a motel room you can choose to stay in a single room, a double room (premium), or a room with others (standard or dormitory). If you would like to sleep in a tent you will need to bring one - along with bedding. If you don't own one, please ask your staff worker to help you find one or borrow one. If you have somewhere else you can stay or if you live in Canberra you do not have to stay in NTE accommodation, just choose the 'Day Registration' option when you register.
What will the food be like?
There is a range of different kinds of foods, some Western, some Asian. Breakfast is usually cereal and toast. If you prefer noodles be sure to bring some instant noodles with you just in case.
How will I be able to get to NTE?
Usually your staff worker arranges transport for all the students going to NTE and he or she will send you an email or SMS with details.
Check out our other FAQ questions for more answers!
Is SCTC for student presidents only?
The Student Committees Training Conference is for all members of a student committee. We encourage all members of the committee to attend the conference however in some cases the student president will represent the whole committee at the conference.


I can’t find the option for SCTC on the NTE registration page, where do I register?
Registration for SCTC is separate to the main registration page.  Please visit the SCTC webpage to register and view along with the program and prices. 



What is included in the price?
If you register for SCTC all your meals from lunch on Thursday to dinner on Friday are included, so stick around after the conference is done and enjoy some dinner at the conference site. If accommodation is selected, this will also be included for Thursday and Friday nights (i.e. until NTE starts which is then covered by your NTE registration)..


Do I need to pick up my strand & NTE booklet for NTE on Saturday with everyone else?
Nope! You’ll receive all your conference materials (including NTE material) on Thursday when you arrive for SCTC so be sure to keep it safe until Saturday.
Where do I go when I arrive?
Once you arrive at EPIC proceed to the building marked ‘Conference Centre’ (between Coorong & Budawang). There you will receive your conference material and further instructions on where to go. The SCTC is held at the nearby building ‘Terrace Room’. You will be provided with maps and directions on how to get there.
When do registrations for Canberra Bible Talks close?
Online registrations are open until Friday night (a day before the first session). On-site registrations are open an hour before the sessions commence on Saturday, Monday & Tuesday. No registrations are needed for Sunday as it is free.
What are the benefits of booking online for Canberra Bible Talks?
Some of the benefits of registering for Canberra Bible Talks online are that it’s cheaper to book online, your nametag is pre-printed and no queues to register!
Do we get outlines?
Yes! If you book for all Canberra Bible talk sessions (Saturday, Monday & Thursday) you will receive an NTE booklet on the first night. If you book for 1 or 2 sessions you will receive an outline during registration.

Can I keep my nametag?
You can keep your paper nametag for memories however we do ask that all lanyards be returned at the front desk after the last session you attend.


How can I promote Canberra Bible Talks at my church?
Printed flyers are distributed to various churches around the Canberra area however if you would like more email nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: CBT%20Flyer%20request)


Can we attend any other NTE programs with our Canberra Bible Talks registration?
Canberra Bible Talk is limited to the evening talks of National Training Event (NTE). If you wish to be a part of NTE and learn more about AFES but you are not a university student, we recommend attending the Guest Program. More information is available on the Guest Program page.
Do I need a Visa?
You may require a Visa to attend depending on your Nationality and passport. You can read through your Visa Options here.
If you require an invitation sponsorship letter to obtain a visa, please nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: International%20Guest%20enquiry) (email us) as soon as possible so we can supply that for you. 
Do I need to choose a Strand?
You will be automatically placed into Strand 1 if this is your first NTE.
How do I get from Sydney to Canberra?
The quickest and most accessible option is to catch a bus from an Airport. The two main companies are Murrays and Greyhound. There are options to book online prior to your arrival. If you do choose to catch a bus to Canberra it is essential that you book as soon as possible. More information on how to get to EPIC can be found here.
What if I arrive in Canberra early (i.e. before Saturday morning?)
Please note if you require accommodation in Canberra before NTE then you will need to let us know by emailing howard.spencer [at] afes.org.au (Howard) from the NTE team. You should not assume that we have organised accommodation for you for any nights before Saturday if you have not requested it.
How Do I Get To the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) once I Arrive in Canberra?
From the Canberra Airport it is best to catch a taxi.
From the Canberra Central bus station, bus routes (950, 956, 958) will take you to EPIC via Flemington Rd.
A helpful map can be found here.
For more information about the location of the conference centre and transport options, click here.
What About the NTE Mission?
After NTE each campus sends out individual teams to partake in a mission from Wednesday 4 - Sunday 8 December 2018. If you would like to participate then you are more than welcome, however you will need to nte [at] afes.org.au (subject: International%20Guest%20enquiry) (email) us beforehand so that we can allocate you to a team.  And please be aware that you will need to adjust your travel arrangements accordingly. 
How can I get more involved at NTE?
There are many different ways we'd love you to be involved with NTE - other than coming to the conference of course! Find out how you can be more involved here.
As a Staffworker it's handy to know who has registered from my campus, how do I get this list?
Please log in to the AFES website (not the NTE site) and check the Top Staff Resources > NTE19 Registration to see who's coming from your campus. 
How do I register if I'm coming from overseas?
We offer a unique International Guest Program for all of our International NTE delegates. If you are an international guest, please visit our International Guests Page to find out more information about the program and registering for the conference.
How do I book for NTE mission?
NTE mission is organised through your campus. The best way to get involved in your campus NTE mission is to ask the staff worker or a friend from your campus group. Some NTE missions run before NTE so be sure to ask as soon as you can.
What is the NTE19 Tee?
Am I eligible for a free Tee?
If you are in your first year of uni (that is, if you have never studied at university before) and it is your first NTE, you will receive a free NTE19 tee. This will be calculated automatically when you register.
NTE19 Tee Sizing Chart
What other NTE19 Merch is available?
We will be selling NTE bottles for $15 each.

We will also be introducing AFES keep cups, which are available for $12 each.

Still have a question? Get in touch.

nte [at] afes.org.au

+61 2 9697 0313