Transport FAQ

Is my transport organised for me?

Due to the number of students travelling to NTE, the NTE office does not organise transport to and from the conference. However, some campuses will arrange this for their campus group so be sure to ask your staff worker and friends how they’re getting to NTE.

What are my public transport options to get to EPIC?

Bus from Canberra airport:
To get from the Canberra airport to EPIC you will need to catch two buses.

  • Firstly, take the Airport Express to the city (last stop).

  • Secondly, walk to Northbourne Avenue (near Alinga Street) and if you arrive on the weekend take the 950, 956 or 958 bus to EPIC. Download weekend bus route map. if you arrive on a weekday, there are many bus options. Download the weekend & weekday timetables at

Train or Bus from Sydney or Melbourne

  • For information on catching the train or bus to Canberra (from either Sydney or Melbourne) visit this Canberra Website. Please be aware that these need to be booked in advance to avoid missing out.

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