Other FAQ

How can I get more involved at NTE?
There are many different ways we'd love you to be involved with NTE - other than coming to the conference of course! Find out how you can be more involved here.

As a Staffworker its handy to know who has registered from my campus, how do I get this list?
Please log in to the AFES website (not the NTE site) and check the Top Staff Resources > NTE18 Registration to see who's coming from your campus. 

How do I register if I'm coming from overseas
We offer a unique International Guest Program for all of our International NTE delegates. If you are an international guest, please visit our International Guests Page to find out more information about the program and registering for the conference.

How do I book for NTE mission?
NTE mission is organised through your campus. The best way to get involved in your campus NTE mission is to ask the staff worker or a friend from your campus group. Some NTE missions run before NTE so be sure to ask as soon as you can.


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