Guest Program

About the Guest Program

If you are a supporter of AFES we'd love to have you join with us at the National Training Event (NTE). The Guest Program begins in the evening on Friday 30 November 2018 and goes through to Sunday afternoon. The aim of the Guest Program at NTE is to have friends & supporters of AFES see and experience the work of Christ in the current generation of university students throughout Australia. It is our prayer that by joining this program, our guests will not only gain a greater taste of the ministry of AFES, but will be excited and enthused to support its work in promoting the mission of Christ in Australian universities and beyond.

Event Details

Friday 30 November - Sunday 2 December 
Time of Program to be confirmed
Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)


Event Program

6:00pm Dinner
at the Conference Centre Building (EPIC)

6:45pm Dessert and Introduction
at Namadgi (EPIC)

7:30pm Kevin DeYoung Talk
at Quokka (EPIC)

9:30pm Supper


at your accommodation site

9:00am Guest Session 1
at Namadgi (EPIC)

10:30am NTE Session 1 Richard Chin
at Coorong (EPIC)

11:30am Break

12:00pm Prayer Walk
at Ningaloo (EPIC)

1:00pm Lunch
at Budawang (EPIC)


5:00pm NTE Tour
Meet at Namadgi

6:00pm Dinner
at Budawang (EPIC)

7:00pm NTE Session 2 Kevin DeYoung
at Coorong

9:30pm Supper


7:00am Breakfast
at your accommodation site

9:00am Guest Session 2
at Namadgi (EPIC)

10:30am Personal Prayer and Reflection

11:00am Break

11:30am NTE Electives
Electives and Locations will be given at NTE

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Depart





Event Prices

Full - $290
Day - $160
AFES staff sponsor their invited guests as a token of thanks for the partnership and support, therefore there is no obligation to pay. However, some guests do wish to pay for their Guest Program registrations.