Do I have to be in a FOCUS strand?
Please register for a FOCUS strand initially and then have a chat with your staff worker about what will be the best strand for you to do. We can change it at a later date if needed.

What if I don't have enough money to pay for NTE?
If you would like to go to NTE but need some help to pay the cost, we would like you to speak with your local AFES or FOCUS staff worker. Please don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask. They might be able to provide a small subsidy to help you come.

International Guest Program FAQ

Do I need a Visa?
You may require a Visa to attend depending on your Nationality and passport. You can read through your Visa Options here.

Strand FAQ

If I'm in year 12, do I just select Strand 1?
At NTE there's a Strand 12 group catered for students who are about to start uni or have just finished Year 12. Register as a Year 12 student and receive $50 cashback. Download the form here.


Is SCTC for student presidents only?
The Student Committees Training Conference is for all members of a student committee. We encourage all members of the committee to attend the conference however in some cases the student president will represent the whole committee at the conference.

Other FAQ

How can I get more involved at NTE?
There are many different ways we'd love you to be involved with NTE - other than coming to the conference of course! Find out how you can be more involved here.

As a Staffworker its handy to know who has registered from my campus, how do I get this list?
Please log in to the AFES website (not the NTE site) and check the Top Staff Resources > NTE18 Registration to see who's coming from your campus. 

Transport FAQ

Is my transport organised for me?

Due to the number of students travelling to NTE, the NTE office does not organise transport to and from the conference. However, some campuses will arrange this for their campus group so be sure to ask your staff worker and friends how they’re getting to NTE.

What are my public transport options to get to EPIC?

Bus from Canberra airport:
To get from the Canberra airport to EPIC you will need to catch two buses.

Accommodation FAQ

Can I stay in my own accommodation?
If you live in Canberra or have your own accommodation organised, you can register for a Day Registration. All conference materials, lunch and dinner are included in the Day Registration price.

General FAQ

When do regos open for NTE18?
Early bird: 1 July - 5 September 2018
Standard: 6 September - 7 November 2018
Late: 8 November - 23 November 2018
Extra Early Bird for NTE19: 5 December 2018 – 31 January 2019