Electives are an opportunity to be trained in other areas of mission. 

On Sunday, you'll attend one of our Campus Mission electives. Each of these electives are designed to equip you with practical skills for taking out the Gospel on your campus or on NTE Mission.

On Monday and Tuesday, you'll have a range of Global Mission electives to choose from, attending one each day. These electives are designed to lift our eyes to the mission work that is happening around the world, and to give us starting steps to lead us towards God's work overseas.

There are 3 FOCUS electives that FOCUS Students will choose from which are designed to equip and prepare you for graduation. 

Training Disciples-Making Disciples

Griffith Christian Students have been training students to read the bible evangelistically with a student, who trains another student at the same time (called ABCs). This elective will enthuse and equip you to train students to do the same on your campus.

Evangelism Strategies and Public Meetings - FULL

What is the place of our public meetings in our campus evangelism strategies?  What could it be?  How can we maximise the evangelistic effectiveness of our campus public meetings? Engage with 2 examples to consider and critique.

Share Pray Train

Melbourne University Christian Union have been preparing students to mission through ‘Share Pray Train’ groups. Students meet to encourage, pray and train each other in mission. This elective will enthuse and equip you to train students to do the same on your campus.

Reading Mark with an enquirer - FULL

Hearing Jesus’ words directly by reading the Bible is a powerful way to proclaim the Gospel.Learn a simple and effective bible reading method of reading the bible evangelistically called ‘the five Rs’.This elective will equip you to train students to do the same on your campus.

Planning a Mark Drama - FULL

The Mark Drama is an experience of seeing Mark’s Gospel acted in 90 minutes. It’s a powerful way to present Jesus on campus. Learn how to prepare and plan for The Mark Drama on your campus.

Reading Mark with Muslim Students - FULL

How would I read Mark’s Gospel with a Muslim friend?  Where is the best place to start, and what issues need addressing, how should I invite them?  Learn how to equip others on your campus to read the bible with a Muslim friend.

Creatively Using Your Testimony - FULL

People easily relate to personal stories.How can you use your testimony creatively to communicate your relationship with Jesus, your conversion story and how being a Christian changes your life?This elective will equip you for NTE Mission or help you to learn from NTE Mission.

How to Give a Talk to Children or Youth

Proclaiming Jesus to youth or children at mission can be challenging.  Learn a few tips to help make your talk more engaging.  This elective will equip you for NTE Mission or help you to learn from NTE Mission.

Simple Ways for Talking About Jesus

How do some people seem to have conversations about Jesus, and I don’t know where to start?  Learn a few simple ways (and convictions) that will help.  This elective will equip you for NTE Mission or help you to learn from NTE Mission.

North Australia

North Australia is a unique cross-cultural environment. One of the world’s oldest living cultures is adapting to 21st century life. How is the good news of Jesus bearing fruit and growing among the First Australians? Be surprised at the opportunities for you to be involved in bringing the hope of the gospel to North Australian communities.

South Pacific - FULL

Join with delegates from PNG, Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu as they share the joys and struggles of university ministry in the South Pacific. Be challenged by both the great mission work done in the past and the great needs and opportunities today.

Japan - FULL

Japan has a strong economy, stable government, and the highest life expectancy in the world.  What strategies is KGK (student ministry) using to evangelise the millions of Japanese students? And how can you be involved?


China is the largest sending nation of university students to Australia.  What do you need to know about Chinese students in order to share the love of Jesus with them more effectively?

Myanmar - FULL

Universities were closed in 1988, relocated outside the cities, reopened in 1999.  Student groups are banned.  Amidst rapid change in Myanmar, hear about the birth of a new evangelical student movement in this majority Buddhist country, and how you can make a difference.

Zimbabwe - FULL

Zimbabwe is a nation with political and economic challenges.  Hear how God is at work in this nation.  We’ll be meeting staff from the university work in Zimbabwe.

Eastern Europe - FULL

How do you preach the gospel in a region that has a history of national division and social breakdown?
Be encouraged and challenged as we hear what God is doing in the Russian speaking world in universities where it is illegal to do evangelism.

Muslim Majority Nations - FULL

What does Christian ministry look like in a majority Muslim country? How does ministry work when evangelism can be illegal? How is a student ministry even able to even exist on Campus?

Practical Steps Towards Mission

I am interested in the possibility of doing overseas ministry work. How do I need to prepare? Who should I go with? Where can my gifts be used? How much money will it cost? There are lots of things to consider so come and hear the experts who will help you take the next steps. 

Global Opportunities for Post-Grads & Academics - FULL

Thinking about postgraduate study? You might be surprised at the opportunities there are for postgraduates and academics who love Jesus to reach out to the academic community. Being an expert in something, no matter how narrow, gives you a platform to share your ideas. A PhD is like a passport to the world. Meet academics who take their commitment to Jesus seriously both at home and around the world.

FOCUS: Living as a Chinese Christian

You’re studying in Australia.  You may have many questions about what will happen after graduation.  This elective will help you know how to live God’s way as a Chinese Christian.  This elective will be in Mandarin.

FOCUS: Returning Home to Family and Church

Many things have changed since you let home and came to study in Australia. Perhaps the biggest change is becoming a Christian! What will it be like to return home? How will you honour your parents as a Christian? What will church be like back in your country? Come and find out! 

FOCUS: Moving from Uni to Work

When you finish study, what will working-life be like? What expectations will there be? How can we adjust? Maybe you’ve become a Christian! This changes how we think about life and all other things. How can work fit into God's plans for our world? Come and find out!