About CITE

Cite is the national missions conference for academia. Take time at the end of the year to gather with Australia's Christian thinkers to be challenged, inspired, and equipped as ambassadors for Christ at the university and, through the university, to the world. 

We’re glad to have Andrew Cameron, Director of St. Marks National Theological Centre in Canberra, providing our theological input this year to close out our series on the nine statements in the AFES Doctrinal Basis.  

The topic for this year is The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ



Andrew has been a priest in the Anglican Church of Australia since 1993, and has had pastoral experience in a variety of Anglican and other denominational settings. He has also taught in ethics, social ethics, political and public theology, theological anthropology, theology and philosophy at a range of levels and institutions. His doctoral research interest was in a theological account of the relationship of ethics to emotion, and since then he has several other topics at the intersection of theology, ethics and public life. 

Event Details

Sat 1 December - Wed 5 December 
Registration open from 9:00am at the Conference Centre in Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)

Event Prices

No accommodation [$300] 
Camping [$340] 
 Dormitory (7-10 people) [$435] 
 Standard (3-6 people) [$505] 
 Premium (2 people) [$535] 
 Single [$680]


Camping [$175] 
Premium (2 people/room) [$290] 
 Day Rego [$145]


$75 Per Day