Canberra Bible Talks FAQ

When do registrations for Canberra Bible Talks close?
Online registrations are open until Friday night (a day before the first session). On site registrations are open an hour before the sessions commence on Saturday, Monday & Tuesday. No registrations are needed for Sunday as it is free.

What are the benefits of booking online for Canberra Bible Talks?
Some of the benefits of registering for Canberra Bible Talks online are that it’s cheaper to book online, your nametag is pre-printed and no queues to register!

Do we get outlines?
Yes! If you book for all Canberra Bible talk sessions (Saturday, Monday & Thursday) you will receive an NTE booklet on the first night. If you book for 1 or 2 sessions you will receive an outline during registration.

Can I keep my nametag?
You can keep your paper nametag for memories however we do ask that all lanyards be returned at the front desk after the last session you attend.

How can I promote Canberra Bible Talks at my church?
Printed flyers are distributed to various churches around the Canberra area however if you would like more email nte [at] (subject: CBT%20Flyer%20request)

Can we attend any other NTE programs with our Canberra Bible Talks registration?
Canberra Bible Talk is limited to the evening talks of National Training Event (NTE). If you wish to be a part of NTE and learn more about AFES but you are not a university student, we recommend attending the Guest Program. More information is available on the Guest Program page

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